Contributors and Contributions
Contribution List

Many people have contributed time and effort to various components of what is now AdBlock Plus. Figured it was time to get a list out there.

OneStop's Adblock Ghastly Whitelist Hack

The idea that started it all, OneStop.

Core AdBlock Plus Development

mcm_ham has put heaps of work into getting lots of cool features together under one roof.


Making AdBlock Plus more accessible to everyone out there are:

<DIV> Blocking by Rüschi

Rüschi put together this wicked concept.

Rowne's Toolbar Button version

Button version made from Rowne Mastaile's enhancement - allows AdBlock Plus to exist as a toolbar button, with the "Button" install.

Icons and Right-Click Popup

Monzi and Altuhov Dmitriy created the code for icons and right-click menu for Adblock on the status-bar.

Current icons by Zockman.