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There was some problems with DNS it seems with the current host. At least some people wer affected, and I'm sorry about that. Seems to be working again, but in the wake of so much more bandwidth being used, I'd already got the wheels in motion for a new host.

So chances are that Adblock Plus will be moving over to my personal domain in the next month or so, as this is worked out. Don't worry, it'll be seamless.


If you have kindly accepted the coralized link but are now having trouble connecting, click here to use the standard pages.

Firefox 1.5

Hey kids, there's a fair bit of load. You'll be prompted to use a coralized version of the installs page, if you support coralized links. It's seamless, and will help avoid blowing out available bandwidth.

Site News

Up to half a gig of transfer each day from this site, more yesterday (523.67 MB), and there's been over 10 GB transferred this month. Cool.

Spent some time browsing and noticed that IE users get targeted by some nasty stuff, with this browser-redirecting AdBlock. Make the switch!

Minor updates to site design, maybe you won't see as many errors?

This site now uses Google Analytics. You can "opt out" of being tracked with instructions at Help.

Anyone using Fx 1.5 RC3 is urged to adopt Adblock Plus instead of Adblock, for compatability.

Adblock Plus Reaches 10!

Looks like some new stuff hs been in the works for a while, and now we've got some coolness on the release front of things. Thanks to mcm, there's heaps of realy cool new stuff like:

  • Sync from multiple paths (use | seperator)
  • Interface improvements on selecting, layout, some highlighting
  • Blocked Sites now display notification
  • Fixed issues with Flash Player 8

Plus new localizations (Brazilian and Polish), and heaps of other improvements, fixes, etc.

Get the whole scoop over at Installs!

Hiatus Ended

I was away for a while. I'm back. In the mean time, a whole lot of stuff has happened.

I'm in the midst of a few things, including catching up from the absence.

Scrolling should be faster now, replaced transparent PNG with solid colour.

Adblock Plus 0.5.9 Released

There's other stuff ongoing, too, and I've been falling behind. Full list of things over in the installs section. I'm almost caught up with reality!

In other news, my home network is finally almost configured - just got to get a power supply for the *nix machine for finishing touches.

Filterset.G Synchronization etc.

Big news is that there is an authorized auto-synchronization tool available for Filterset.G here. It works with both Adblock and Ablock Plus, and is put together by mcm, hosted by G. Good stuff!

Also another fix to the development builds - there were problems with some localizations, which have now been identified and corrected thanks to the tireless mcm_ham. That's over in Installs.

Adblock Plus Development Build Fixes

You may have noticed problems if you've just installed the recent development build. Apologies for that - speed kills. That's all I've got to say.

If you've installed Adblock Plus 0.5.8+ July 19, it's likely that you've got a bad copy. Remove, install, install seems to fix it. That's Uninstall, then restart the web browser (it'll still be marked for uninstall), install the Adblock Plus 0.5.8+ July 20, restart the web browser, install the Adblock Plus 0.5.8+ July 20 again.

At least, that's what has seemed to work.

Adblock Plus 0.5.8 Development Build

A few issues that were present in 0.5.8 have been fixed up. If you were having problems with flicker, icon/text positioning, or similar, it's a good one to get.

Over in the Installs.

Adblock Plus 0.5.8 Released

I'm a bit slow getting this up, but 0.5.8 has been made available by mcm_ham, and I've got it available now, too.

Lots of new features, documentation coming soon.

Site Update

Got tired of the Mexican feel and have started moving to something a bit more streamlined. You can see the results. Current issue is that the date doesn't show up properly (at top right of entry) for IE users. But less than 3% of visitors use IE, so not heaps worried about that.

I changed the Menu Items from <DIV> elements unto themselves to sub-elements (what's that called?) - this will allow horizontal as well as vertical arrangements. But it prevents borders, as far as I can tell. Anyone know any better?

Talk of a new Adblock Plus build coming along in the next week or so. Keep your eyes on this space!

AdBlock Plus SitRep

AdBlock Plus seems to be getting more and more popular, at least in number of people visiting this site. Pretty cool, I'm just wondering what'll be happening when Adblock 0.6 from the official stream makes itself known.

I've got a stable location, soon to have internet at home, and I'm working at a regular, 9 to 5 desk job again. Should be condusive to getting some more work done, even though I've only been in this country for 7 days.

You may have noticed minor changes to the interface of this site, I've been cleaning it up. Keeping it small and fast. You may have even seen some Google ads, but probably haven't clicked on them. That's OK - they're up mainly to gather information about how much money Google is paying for clicks more than anything else. If you want to help the research, or are genuinely interested, go ahead!


Filterset.G has introduced beta support for whitelisting, get the goods over at There's been a bit of a shake-up with Filterset.G, what with the unauthorized auto-sync tool that was out there. If you are currently using an extension to automatically synchronize with Filterset.G, stop using it now.

There are authorized auto-sync extensions in the works, you'll just have to be patient!

Latest Dev build posted in Installs.


The main Adblock forums over at are down 'cause of database problems, and I panicked. What is the cause of this? How do I communicate with anyone?

So I went and got a forum set up. It's banner-supported, so deal with it!

I've left personal messaging and all that enabled for the time being. So go ahead and get busy!

AdBlock Plus 0.5.7 Development Builds

Work continues in the AdBlock Plus front, with a couple new localizations of AdBlock PLus being added - Czech by Josef Kotva and . They're in development builds - AdBlock 0.5.7+.

Also site whitelisting is getting run through the paces - right now it's implemented as an "Either Filter OR Site" preference. Site whitelisting looks at the URL of the page being loaded, and if it matches a whitelist entry, no ads are blocked on that entire site.

And a continuous series of improvements that you'll find over at the Mozillazine thread.

AdBlock Plus 0.5.7 Released!

Go on and get it - I've gotten it all put up and stuff. Cool new, useful and handy and all that.


I'm on the road again, like I haven't been for the last few months. Means that updates are going to be fewer and further between. Don't worry - this site is still on my mind. Dreaming up a site redesign so that it loads faster still, requires less CPU to scroll, is easier to use on smaller resolutions, and provides the information more readily.

You'll see it when it becomes available.

<DIV> Blocking etc.

Work by Rüschi lets AdBlock Plus hide DIV elements, providing they match. mcm_ham's made a code modification (now adopted by Rüschi as well) to avoid problems with DIVs with spaces in the names.

Lots of people to keep track of contributing - there's now a Contributors section up.


zh-TW version provided by Jose Sun of the Mozilla Taiwan Community. Right now it's available in development builds!

Also, working on blocking <div> elements - try the latest dev build!


There are some sites redisdributing popular filtersets in a format compatible with AdBlock Plus' remote synchronization without proper authorization from the filterset maintainers. Please try to do the right thing in this case.

Remember that remote synchronization overwrites the personalization of your filterset - it's meant to make many profiles on one LAN easier to maintain by connecting them all to your own central filterset.

AdBlock Plus 0.5.6 officially out.

Well, as official as an un-official modification can be! We're going with "AdBlock Plus" now - there's more than just whitelisting. Like icons, synchronization to a remote filterlist, the likes.

Now that it's Monday in most parts of the world, traffic's been increasing. It's Tuesday in Australia!

Get on over to Installs and get a copy in!

"Unofficial 0.5.6", Call for Localization

mcm_ham has tagged it 0.5.6, and we're going with that version number. Enough difference from Adblock Core, and we're going with "AdBlock Plus".

That said, anyone who is into doing locatizations, translations, of this current, unofficial branch of Adblock (we're not the one's doing Adblock 0.6) get in touch with either myself or mcm_ham at "mcm" "dot" "ham" "at" "gmail" "dot" "com". You know what to do.

New builds up at Installs.

Fixed build

Well, so much for no bad luck on Friday the 13th. The build posted had a flaw in it that it was missing some of OneStop's code, oops. It meant that the whitelisting was particularly aggressive. Updated builds now, you'll want to visit the Installs section.

Also tossing around some ideas for additional enhancements. Ideas and feedback - if you want - can come to "mrbene" "at" "gmail" "dot" "com". You know the drill for making that into a happy address!

Updated Builds, Listed on Extension Mirror

mcm_ham has been busily working away while I've been off. Icon and no-icon versions available. Listing at The Extension Mirror!

And now lots of people coming through the site - going to have to change stats packages if I want to track more than the last 2 hours!

I'm also keeping the site as lightweight as possible. Most of my net access is done over dial-up (AdBlock helps heaps!) and I appreciate fast loading.

Site Design Change, New Build Coming

Sick of the blue, here's something a bit more vibrant. And maybe Mexican. It'll keep changing without affecting the content all that much.

Got rid of the guestbook link that was actually doing some very cool (but also intriguing) scripting. Looked like it was opening a fake page somewhere, loading ads in it and closing it, all while keeping it out of sight of the browser. Worked best on IE, not so well in Fx.

mcm_ham has done some additional stuff to his build of the hack, but I haven't had a chance to get it tested and stuff. It'll be up shortly.

But I've added a link to mcm_ham's site - he's got cool Firefox tips on his site - and made the SiteSled banner exchange program banner (the tiny one at the bottom of the menu) disappear completely when it's Adblocked. 'Cause I'm sure many of you are doing so!

You can still see the old style - "View - Page Style - Blue" in Firefox.

Major Changes

mcm_ham has come up with lots of changes - new install here, new docs here. Really cool stuff!

The "Install" link in the left menu no longer automatically installs - you're directed to the "Installs" page where most recent is listed at top.

Happy Mother's Day!

Site Design Musings

Definitely feel that I should do something with the site design. The blue is OK for a 'My First Website', but not for anything else. So projects are:

  1. Select a colour scheme.
  2. Create an icon / logo.
  3. Design and implement layout.

Should be pretty quick and easy.


OneStop has made an update available. It does some verification on the whitelist filters that go in, to ensure that the "@@" filter doesn't end up implemented, and whitelisting everything.

I've gone ahead and updated the icons to the ones created and posted by Zockman here, removed the "install.js" and "nsAdblock.js" files which were required for compatability with Fx0.7 and prior, added a "chrome.manifest" file for (untested) compatibility with trunk development, as per discussion by mcm_ham here, but I have maintained the existing install.rdf for continued 1.0 compatability.

My bundle is available here.

Rumor Mill

OneStop has mentionned a minor update possible in the next couple days. What more is there to add to this sweet tool! But then, I'm easily satisfied.

I've decided to put up the 'source' for the JavaScript that I use as an installer for the XPI. It's got a couple of useful checks as conditions before the standard installer script.

More Design Updates

This is why sites only go up after a certain amount of testing. Well, the basics are here: you can install the Whitelist Hack, there's a bit of help, and the site's got some colour.

Next up, some resource links, more design, more content.

Updated Site

Made a few minor updates to the CSS that's used on the site. Don't want it to be completely boring! Anyways, increased compatibility for IE users, in other words, removed problems from what I'd put together.

I'm putting together a bit of a howto on the Ghastly Whitelist Hack, and will get this site looking heaps better shortly.

Getting productive!

Initial Content

OneStop over at the Adblock Forums put together this hack of Altuhov Dmitriy's modified AdBlock which is no longer available at:

I've added an icon for the installer (pretty basic) and we'll see what else happens. So go ahead, Install It!