About Me

I've kept meaning to update this section with a few more details, but there isn't all that much to tell.

I've been on the road for the last 2 years, in the US, Canada, Mexico, England and Australia, been a geek all my life, from D&D to Math and Chess competition, then on to BBSs, 2600 club, and dumpster diving, and finally to working for an web site statistics company for many years.

Outside of geek life, keep doing the rock climbing thing, love of outdoors from growing up in the country, canoe camping and hiking, building barns, sheds, damns, and other projects that have to stand the harsh Canadian climate.

Always love to learn by doing, whether it's computers or tangible projects. If you've got any feedback on the current project, let me know at "mrbene" "at" "gmail" "dot" "com". You know how to make that valid!

Op-Ed Piece

Found the site www.adblock.org in my travels. While it comes across as somewhat anti-adblocking, they try to sell themselves as pro-choice, ie, that they simply want the user to be informed if ad blocking software is installed or when it is used.

Added my own comments to the fray, don't know if I contributed more than my story. But basically, the people who make big money off internet advertising are the internet advertising companies. By blocking their ads, you're actually helping to reduce their income, which may reduce the commercialization of the internet.

Or maybe will just help when commercial interest manages to sneak it's way into Internet 2.


Long term geek, rock climber, traveller.